Surprising with Fansly’s usage policies!

If you are interested in learning more about the online adult industry or want to be a part of it, and are wondering if Fansly is the right platform for you, read on!

In Mysteryapp we will analyze the crucial aspects that this app offers.

The 20% Commission is also on Fansly

This being the standard commission in the adult content sales industry, Fansly is no exception.

Leaving a total of 20% in the platform from your earnings; once you withdraw your money.

Do all apps keep the same commission percentage?

While some consider the costs to be high for adult content sales platforms, which range from 20% to 25%, the answer is No!

At Mysteryapp we work under the 85% / 15% scheme, which gives you a higher income when working with us.


How do I withdraw my earnings from Fanly?

As a content creator you can choose the method that best suits your needs and preferences among: bank transfer, debit card and credit card.

For users who wish to access content from Fansly’s creators, they can do so using credit or debit cards. This payment option is common on most online platforms.


How is the platform support at Fansly?

The platform has a question and answer section where users can ask questions or solve problems related to the platform.

Post-consumer Refund Protection

An important aspect to consider is the protection against post-consumption refunds.

On platforms such as Onlyfans, users can request refunds after consuming content, which can result in lost revenue for creators.

At Mysteryapp you avoid this scam model and we guarantee the integrity of our creators’ earnings.


Can I withdraw my earnings weekly?

At Fansly, it is possible to choose whether you wish to withdraw your earnings monthly or weekly. This flexibility gives you the possibility to adapt the flow of your income according to your individual needs.

Mysteryapp: The outstanding alternative

While Fansly is a solid option, Mysteryapp stands out as the only platform that offers PayPal and Binance payments. This provides exceptional convenience for both consumers and content creators.

Today we have told you about a new application that will allow you to boost your sales in the virtual world, you no longer have excuses to choose your favorite one.

If you are us, you are just one click away from increasing your earnings and being part of our community of creators.


Questions about Fansly’s policies

Is there variation in commission rates between different adult content sales platforms?

In general, most adult content sales platforms maintain commission percentages ranging from 20% to 25%, and Fansly follows these guidelines.

What is the main difference between Fansly and Mysteryapp in terms of commissions?

The main difference lies in the commissions. Fansly charges 20% commission, while Mysteryapp works under a 15% commission scheme, which allows content creators to earn a higher income.

How can I get support on the Fansly platform if I have questions or problems?

Fansly has a question and answer section where users can ask questions or solve problems related to the platform, providing a useful resource for assistance in case of need.

Does Fansly provide statistics and earnings analysis to creators?

Yes, Fansly offers creators access to detailed statistics and earnings analysis in their dashboard, allowing them to track and optimize their revenue.

How do earnings work on Fansly for content creators?

On IsMyGirl, content creators can generate revenue through follower subscriptions, exclusive content sales, fan tips and paid private messages.