Fancentro: is it the best platform for you?

Virtual monetization through the sale of adult content is increasing, as is the growth of new sites.

 This time, we will explore in detail how Fancentro works, and make a comparison with MysteryApp!

 So read on to find out all the details!

First comparisons

Starting with Fancentro, this platform retains a 20% commission to creators for the profits generated on its platform, a scheme worked by many of the adult content selling apps.

 Going by MysteryApp’s earning policies, as part of the platform’s community you will get 85% of your income, leaving only 15% in MysteryApp.

 As for the withdrawal methods, in Fancentro you will be able to access your funds through bank transfer, debit card or credit card, being convenient or limiting as the case may be.


And for consumers?

On the user side, Fancentro accepts simple and secure payment methods, such as credit or debit cards for the purchase of exclusive content.

 On the support side of the platform, they offer a system that includes answers to frequently asked questions and solutions to common problems.


MysteryApp: a unique platform in the adult content industry.

One of the most outstanding features is that it is the only platform that allows creators and consumers to use PayPal and Binance as a payment method.

 This is a great advantage for those who prefer this form of payment, which is widely accepted around the world and avoids the devaluation of your money, depending on the region or country you are in.

 In terms of security, it stands out by avoiding the scam model often found on other platforms, such as OnlyFans. On the other hand, we guarantee a safer and fairer environment for both creators and users.

 Two solid options for adult content creators have been presented to you, each with their own advantages and unique features. Feel free to start with the one you like best, and count on MysteryApp, always at your fingertips!

Questions about Fancentro, commissions, usage and payments


What is the commission that Fancentro retains from creators for the earnings generated on its platform?

Fancentro retains a 20% commission of the creators’ earnings on its platform.

What is the commission that creators can keep by joining MysteryApp compared to Fancentro?

On MysteryApp, creators can keep 85% of their revenue, leaving only 15% on the platform, in contrast to the 80% that Fancentro allows.

What withdrawal methods are available at Fancentro?

Fancentro offers withdrawal methods that include bank wire transfer, credit card, credit card, debit card, bank wire transfer, bank transfer, and credit card.

What are the payment options that users can generally use to access content on Fancentro?

Users can generally pay for content on Fancentro using credit or debit cards, which simplifies the process of subscribing to and purchasing exclusive content.

Can creators at Fancentro choose between monthly and weekly retreats?

Yes, at Fancentro, creators have the flexibility to choose between monthly or weekly withdrawals, allowing them to manage their income according to their needs.

Does Fancentro offer a support system to solve doubts or problems related to the platform?

Yes, Fancentro has a support system that includes answers to frequently asked questions and solutions to common problems, providing assistance to users and creators of the platform.