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The future of racy content?

The production of adult content in digital media involves deeper aspects than might appear at first glance. 

It is not limited only to showing the figure in sensual attitudes, in underwear, naked, or participating in adult activities. Nor is it limited only to the publication of more or less explicit images or videos.

When you decide to venture into the creation of adult content in digital media, it is essential to consider certain basic aspects. We cordially invite you to continue reading this article to discover them.

Types of racy content

When adult content is mentioned, the first image that usually comes to mind is videos; however, there are other equally relevant formats. The following are the most common ones:


In this sound format, erotic stories are told, or sexual fantasies are described, providing direct stimulation to the listener that, in many cases, leads to guided masturbation. 

This format has gained wider acceptance among women, who often find video pornography to have sexist overtones.


Erotic literature ranges from poetry to detailed stories, as well as educational texts intended for an adult audience. 

This type of content is appreciated by a wide audience, regardless of gender, attracting literature lovers and amateur writers alike.



Images as adult content in digital media represent the evolution of the old gentlemen’s magazines. 

Although the format has migrated from print to digital, publication in these magazines is still limited to models and celebrities, while for the consumer there are multiple traditional magazine websites, such as Playboy or Penthouse.


This is the predominant format in the adult content industry, as it encompasses all previous formats. With the advent of specialized digital platforms, videos have become the main form of production and consumption of adult content. 

From the popularization of desktop PCs to the current era of smartphones and tablets, videos continue to be the most widely used format for this type of content.


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Frequently asked questions about racy content

What is adult content in digital media?

Adult content in digital media refers to material that contains themes of a sexual or erotic nature intended for an adult audience. This content may include images, videos, audios, text and other formats.

What are the different types of adult content available online?

The most common types of adult content include explicit images and videos, erotic stories, sensual audio content, erotic literature, and more. Each format offers a unique experience for consumers.

What are the risks associated with consuming adult content online?

Some risks associated with consuming adult content online include exposure to unwanted material, violation of privacy, and the possibility of encountering inappropriate or illegal content. It is important to take precautions and use online safety measures.